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Do I Need a South Jersey Disability Lawyer to Help Me Appeal My Denial?

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South Jersey Disability LawyerThere is no law that requires you to hire a disability lawyer to help with your Social Security disability claim. Some people apply for Social Security disability on their own and are awarded benefits. In doing so, they save the cost of hiring a disability lawyer. The Social Security Administration actually requires you (and not your lawyer) to fill out the initial application for benefits, so a lawyer’s assistance at the beginning of the Social Security disability process is mostly limited to answering your questions and explaining how the system works.

However, if you are denied benefits after filing an application (as most claimants are), you should give some serious thought to hiring an experienced South Jersey disability lawyer. The Social Security disability system is structured to deny most claims at first and award benefits later on. The farther into the process you get, the more assistance your lawyer will be able to provide. Government statistics show that claimants who hire Social Security disability lawyers to help with their appeals are more likely to be awarded benefits than those who do not.

Some of the services a South Jersey disability lawyer can provide include making sure the Social Security Administration has a complete copy of your medical records, including all relevant test results; developing a case theory that explains the presence of negative medical records (those that seem to indicate that you are not disabled); questioning witnesses at your hearing (your own witnesses and those the judge decides to call); and presenting opening and closing arguments.

Perhaps most importantly, your disability lawyer will prepare you to testify by telling you what sorts of questions you are likely to be asked and how to answer them in a way that gives the administrative law judge enough information to award you benefits.

South Jersey Disability Lawyer Adrienne Jarvis Can Help

I have been practicing law since 1987, and have been in private practice since 1997. I exclusively take child SSI cases, adult SSI and SSD cases, and federal appeals. I have a PhD in biopsychology and the knowledge and expertise to provide you with effective representation.

There is no upfront charge to hire me, and you won’t pay anything unless you win. I’ll even cover the costs of obtaining your medical records. If you are awarded benefits, my fee will be 25 percent of your back benefits, up to a limit of $6,000. You won’t pay anything out of your monthly payments.

To learn more about how I can help, please fill out the claim evaluation form on this website, or contact:

Adrienne Jarvis
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